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are less flooded with the syrupy soda. The North Africa and Eurasia/Middle East divisions now are among Cokes fastestgrowing units, with sales rising two to three times as rapidly as in the U.S. Coke now has hundreds of bottlers outside the U.S. it doesnt have an exact figure. Historically, it has tried to merge its smaller partners into big anchor bottlers, but its success in underdeveloped markets often depends on small local outfits that know the terrain. And with each such partner it embraces, Coke risks tarnishing its cleancut image associating with businesses that may partake in local traditions that can include bribing local officials, paying retailers to shun rival brands and resorting to other unorthodox tactics. Bo
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 xt, HD video on the new phone. Now p resolution. Video image stabilization, to remove shakiness. Temporal noise reduction in low light. He did a little demo.  : Next, AirPlay. Adds mirroring. Can have anything on your screen on large screen. Without Apple TV, can just plug in HDMI cable.  : Hes summing up the Apple S. Best iPhone yet, he says. And heres one more cool new feature: voice commands. He says people want to ask simple questions in English. Feature is Siri: your intelligent assistant, helps you get things done just asking. Demo to show it off.  : Forstall returns to the stage to demo Siri. Hold home button down, then Siri is listening to you. Ask What is the weather today. Phone says here is the forecast for today,
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 tunity to learn about healthy eating and to visit a working farm. Students pick the produce, prep it and cook their own lunches. The Sylvia Center has a satellite kitchen at GP headquarters in Manhattan. After Sylvias death, it clicked. When you asked Sylvia what she wanted to be when she grew up, shed say, ??I want to be a helpful human. So we took a singlefocus, forprofit company and incorporated it with a nonprofit mission. We now take care of the privileged and the underprivileged, Neumark says proudly.  Katchkie Farm produced its first crops in . Today % of the farms produce is donated to food programs while the rest supplies GPs kitchens or is sold at the organic market at Rockefeller Center. The farm has become my affl
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 parents, if they are young enough. Even if certain family members seem obvious candidates, take into account all the factors involved. Key questions to ask: Am I comfortable with the individuals lifestyle and values Would my child have to relocate Can the prospective guardian incorporate my children into his or her household If I have more than one child, would the guardian be able to keep them together Does my child already have a relationship and a good rapport with the person Here too, you can build in checks and balances?C putting a different person in charge of the money you leave for your childs support. You can name a guardian for the funds, or put them into a trust and designate a trustee to spend the money on your ch
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